Saturday’s Polish Movies Guide

Hello everyone!

I’ve prepared something special for you – my personal Saturday’s Polish Movies Guide. It is perfect not only for Polish viewers, but also for people from all around the world. I love American movies and that’s why most of my recommended movies are American. But today I would also like to present to you some of my country’s cinematic masterpieces.

We are probably able to watch 9 movies a day. So I have 9 Polish ones for you. Join me on my journey through the Polish cinema, full of our history.

Ziemia Obiecana

„The Promised Land” (1974) Andrzej Wajda


Meet Henryk Bielecki – talented journalist who wants to be a famous writer at any price and does something that changes his life forever.

Strong Man” (1929) Henryk Szaro (silent movie)


Imagine a Polish shtetl (small Jewish town) – it starts on a positive note – where two friends are having children, a boy and a girl. They take an oath and their pledge is destructive. The future shows that demons of the past always come back.

Dybuk” (1937) Michal Waszynski


Between 1939-1945 Polish film production was forbidden. After 1945 the Polish film industry was nationalized.


A man and a woman who need to spend some alone time meet on the train heading to the Baltic coast.

Night Train” (1959) Jerzy Kawalerowicz


Do you believe in the devil? People say that in a small Polish village there is a parish where nuns are possessed by demons so strong that nobody can drive them away. Another priest is sent there to help them.

Mother Joan of the Angels” (1961) Jerzy Kawalerowicz


How strong can unrequited love be? During the German occupation, a pretty Polish actress hides a fellow actor. She’s deeply in love with him, but he doesn’t care about her feelings. A sad and beautiful story of love. (In the leading roles: Barbara Krafftowna and Zbigniew Cybulski – you have to know them, they’re the pride of the Polish film industry in the 20th century).

Jak byc kochana” (1963) Wojciech Jerzy Has


A movie based on a novel by Wladyslaw Stanislaw Reymont (winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature). Lodz, a Polish city, is a center of the textiles industry. Three young friends, a Pole, a Jew and a German raise money to build a factory. A unique story of lust for money. (My favorite book and Polish movie).

The Promised Land” (1974) Andrzej Wajda


Shocking story about a girl who wakes up in a prison, but she doesn’t remember how or why. It turns out that she’s accused of a crime she didn’t commit, and she’ll be tortured until she confesses to it.

Interrogation” (1982) Ryszard Bugajski


Based on a novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz. An epic story about the Ukrainian uprising against the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth magnates in the 17th Century [logline from].

With Fire and Sword” (1999) Jerzy Hoffman


The city of Warsaw. Two young mermaids are admitted to a cabaret (Polish nightclub in the 1980s), but their dark nature is stronger than human life.

The Lure” (2015) Agnieszka Smoczynska (scriptwriter: Robert Bolesto)

“The Lure” (2015) Agnieszka Smoczynska

Logo PG



Author: Patrycja Gniadzik „Euterpe”
(help: Natalia Kłopotek)


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